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Yesterday was launch day

So yesterday my first book to be published was released.

It sort of feels like when I graduated from uni. I'd been an adult student who left high school at 15,
a single mum, poor, who thought she'd amount to nothing. And I, me, had got a degree in Economics. You can imagine how I felt that day. It was the happiest and most rewarding day of my life (no I don't count the children).

Well yesterday came a close second to that. It's something that I worked hard for, stuck at and finally achieved. I never thought it would be this story,but life is strange sometimes.

So the blub.

Blurb for Rayessa and the Space Pirates

Sixteen-year-old Rae Stroder lives in a hollow asteroid, a defunct refuelling station, with a brain-damaged adult, Gris, to keep her company. Low on supplies, they've been eking out an existence for years. Everything

changes when Alwin Anton, ultra-clean, smart and handsome AllEarth Corp company auditor, arrives to find disarray. Full of suspicion, he interrogates Rae, threatening her with prosecution for theft. He uncovers the fact that she is not Rae Stroder at all, when space pirates attack.

During the attack, Rae is taken prisoner and Alwin Anton escapes in his space ship. The pirate women prepare Rae for sale on the infamous Centauri slave markets. It's all going badly, when she is purchased by a mysterious Ridallian.

Meanwhile, the space pirates are out to kill Alwin Anton because he holds the secret to Rae's true identity. It's a race against time to unravel the intrigue of Rae's past to secure her future.

(and yes I wrote my own blurb).

Special price

Currently all of Escape Publishing's January releases are on sale for .99 cents.

Rayessa has her own blog and twitter account. It's quite fun from my

persepective. and @RayessaSpacePir


I've been buying all the releases on special every month. It's like $5 and I get to see what stuff Escape are putting out and also inspiration. If you were thinking about writing romance (anything even cross genre) it is
pretty much essential that you read in the genre. I had a fantasy knocked back because it walked the line between fantasy and romance. In short the story needs to focus on the main couple, their interaction, their conflict and their developing relationship. Not that I'm an expert or anything.

Hopefully we'll have something at Conflux 9 that talks to this point.

Reading in the genre allows me to work out where I need to focus a work.

Let's see if my next submission gets anywhere shall we.

Can't remember how to make an image show here. Here's a link to my wordpress site.

It's very cool that people are buying and reading the book. It's so exciting and slightly scary. However, I've been getting 'feedback as they go' from a few people. How lovely they are.
Nice Donna


So I went to Continuum. I spruiked Conflux natcon. The $180 price finishes at midnight. You can buy a $30 supporting membership and upgrade at the $180 price later. Membership forms are here.

We currently take credit card as well as paypal.

On my blog I am continuing with the beta reading interviews.Recent entries are interviews with Russell Kirkpatrick and Kate Elliott.

I still have RSI. Work is busy. James came off a dirt bike and has a suspected broken foot and wrist. I must confess I don't get as much PC time as I used to.
Nice Donna

What I've been up to

Well I've been working on a report for eight months so that's two months longer than normal and I've been stressed and tired. I still have the RSI though it is on the improve. I've been studying English Grammar, which has been so much fun. Assignment work today and then I finish the course tomorrow. This means I should have some mental space for writing for a few months. I have a number of ideas for shorts as well as some novels to polish and write.

I've been doing a series on interviews on my writing blog. The latest is with Joanne Anderton

I find this series quite interesting, particularly the varying degree in which some published writers use beta readers in the writing process.

I spent the weekend in Sydney hanging with Trudi C and others and then at the Aurealis Awards. They were great. Well done Sydney and Specfaction. Congratulations to all the winners and those shortlisted.

Now I have to get to work in my cold house and think of innovative ways to get the heating fixed or replaced. Not going to happen anytime soon, I think.
Nice Donna

Popping back after a very long time.

I miss livejournal but I can't hack all the hackers! I'm posting mostly on my wordpress blog or on Twitter/Facebook.

Anyway I'm still here, still slogging it out.

We've said goodbye to Paul Haines. So very sad to see him pass. He leaves us with powerful stories and a brave soul who fought against the odds. My thoughts are with is family who have to live on without him.

This week James had some surgery and I'm taking care of him (as much as he'll let me). We have to go back to the hospital today to take the bandages off. I had a medical appointment myself this morning but it turns out I got it wrong and it is tomorrow. I'm seeing about my acute reflux issue. Yew! I so don't want to have a procedure. I know it's common place but know.

I have RSI so I'm not on the computer much at all and I'm using dictation software mostly. It is not great. I have hope that it will get better and I'll return to normal.

On the house front, the place is chaos. I've had Erana here since Christmas. She's in Sydney now but her stuff is here. Taamati is coming to live with me, after he was made redundant so we are going to have to hire storage so we can get the house in order. The lawnmower is at the repair shop and there's a jungle out there. The toilet in my ensuite is running on so I have to call a plumber. Work has been the worst it has ever been, ever. Though it is getting better now, I think. The sad thing is that with the RSI I can't apply for other jobs and I can't even be a check out chick! A sad state of affairs. Don't get me wrong. I love my job. It's so interesting and it pays well. It was just tough this last project, tougher than normal.

Anyway I have to get some edits done on this short story for Damnation and Dames. And here's link to my writing related post.
Nice Donna

Quick update and linkage

Been a while since I've been here. Life is pretty hectic, particularly the day job.

Mum is alive but is failing slowly. She's lost around 15 kilos and the hair off the back of her head. She doesn't sit up but thinks she can walk. Her memories are shattered but she is still there. So when I visit we hang in the moment and she's happy.

I'm shifting to full time work for a few months because I have to get things done and work don't want to give me leave in January. January is writers retreat in NZ so I must have the leave.

Ruby Heart was rejected. Australian market is a bit too small to support the sub-genre of steampunk. Mine is also a meld so a bit different again. There are other markets out there and I had a nice chat with the editor and got some feedback. But darn!

I have another interesting editing interview up on

Catch you soon. I have heaps of private whinging to do and this is my favourite place to do it.
Nice Donna

It seems like stress city around here

I don't know what it is about this year but there's been a lot happening. Mostly within the family I think. Mum's fall. James playing up a tad and other issues. It makes getting through the day tough some time. It makes doing uni assignments and writing even tougher. Hormone fluctuations are also playing a part along with other physical ailments. The knee is growing dodgy and the back I have to be careful with and the neck, oh lord, I'm lucky it is still holding up my head. On the other hand, I say to myself there are heaps of people worse off than me. Still there are days or even parts of days I feel overwhelmed and a little depressed. The kinds of time when you want to curl up in bed for days and do nothing and talk to no one. However, being me I can't stand this and so I fight.

Yesterday, I saw that I had received an HD for my essay, which was a report on my editing project. Well I can't feel bad about that. It is interesting because I had so many mother issues that day I was to hand it in, I thought I wouldn't get to submit it and that the quality suffered. However, I didn't hand it in late and the quality was okay.

At present, I am putting the final touches on the novel edit I'm doing. (not my novel!) It is really big! Well big for the uni project. I have another one I'm doing, which is smaller. I hope to get on to that one this weekend.

I did manage to get some writing in last weekend, mostly a story outline and the first 1000 words of a short story for a submission. I did that and I'll find out in due course what happens there.Probably nothing, but it was a good experience to step out of my comfort zone.

Last night, I did manage to put up a blog post about Games Day Oz..It has lots of photos. I believe my attendance at Games Day has earning me the monika of Uber Geek, because my attendance there made me late for Conflux 7.

I may do more editor interviews but that depends on certain people sending me their answers. I am going to start thinking about authors who use beta readers. First I have to think up the questions.